White Label

360 White label service

360 White label service

360 White Label Service: catalog products in the packaging of your choice, labeling and labeling is included in the price. If you want a specific formula, our R&D team will develop it for you.

Catalog Products
Simple and fast

1- Place the order

2- Download our label template (add your label design and send it with the order number)

3- Download our box template (add your box design and send it with the box order number)

Future Together

We keep the labels and boxes with us for follow-up orders. In this way we can always ship within 72 hours for existing customers. Allow 5 working days for printing the labels (for the first order) and 15-20 working days for the boxes after receiving designs.ct, or describe a new promotion.

Ship Worlwide

At OKT GLOBAL we do not understand borders. All our wholesale products comply with regulations and are of the highest quality, as well as ingredients, white label or formulated orders. Our highly experienced legal team supports delivery worldwide.