The mysterious ancestral ointment: A balm for body and soul

In the deepest recesses of tradition, there hides a remedy that defies time and science. Although empirical evidence outweighs rigorous clinical studies, this ointment has been passed down from generation to generation as a secret shared among its faithful followers.

What is this magical elixir? It is none other than Tiger Balm, a blend of natural ingredients that can relieve a variety of ailments. Its name comes from the image of strength and vigour associated with the tiger. Although it fell into disuse for some years, tiger balm products are now very popular and sold all over the world. Even top sportsmen and women rely on its properties to relieve muscle, joint and headache pain.


The mysterious powers of the Ancestral Ointment; 

*Contractures and cramps: When muscles tighten and twist, this ointment becomes a silent ally. Its relaxing properties seem to unravel the most stubborn knots, releasing accumulated tension.

*Cervical and Lumbar Pain: Neck and back discomfort find comfort in the ointment's unctuous layers. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic components infiltrate the tissues, offering relief beyond words.

*Cellulite and anti-itching: Skin imperfections and annoying itching are no match for the Ancestral Ointment. Its magic unfolds over the epidermis, smoothing and soothing, like an embrace of nature itself.


We consulted Dr Elena Valverde, an expert in alternative medicine and advocate of ancestral therapies. For centuries, this ointment has been the confidant of wise grandmothers and soul healers. "Let's not underestimate the wisdom accumulated over the centuries," says Dr Valverde. "The experience of generations cannot be ignored, Tiger Balm is a treasure that deserves its place in the universal pharmacopoeia." 


So, dear reader, the next time you feel the need for relief, consider this salve as a gift from our ancestors. Its virtues transcend scientific labels and dive into the very essence of healing.

Specifically, OKT Global has Tiger Fire Balm and TIger Ice Balm. Its use is topical and can be used as long as the skin is intact, i.e. free of wounds, redness, irritated or affected areas. 

Our Heat Effect Tiger Balm is a unique formula that stands out for its penetrating and gradual action, ideal for those looking for a comforting experience with slow absorption. This blend of powerful natural ingredients offers a warming effect that revitalizes and soothes, providing a unique experience compared to conventional creams. Perfect ally for sports warm-up before exercise and for massages in case of contractures. 

On the other hand, our Cold Effect Tiger Balm is a unique blend that stands out for its revitalizing freshness and an intense refreshing sensation. Designed for those seeking a refreshing and calming experience, this balm contains natural ingredients that provide a penetrating and stimulating cold effect, providing a new dimension of comfort. The lower menthol content makes it gentler and is used to treat skin conditions and as a massage balm to relax the skin after training.

At OKT Global, we don't just make cosmetics; we create sensory experiences, empower brands and bring beauty to life. Let us take you on a behind-the-scenes journey, where science and creativity merge to shape exceptional products.

Customised Options for Every Brand


  • OEM Manufacturing: Got a brilliant idea but don't know where to start? In our laboratory, we create unique formulas and customised packaging. From facial care, body care to hair care products, imagination is our only limitation - let us bring your vision to life!
  • Private Label: We offer a wide variety of formulas already developed and tested in the market. You can choose from different types of packaging and decoration options. Do you want a start-up product line? With a minimal investment, you can have your own cosmetics brand.
  • Contract Manufacturing: If you already have your own formulas, but need help with manufacturing or filling, we are here for you. We maintain strict confidentiality standards and guarantee quality.

At OKT Global we believe in diversity and accessibility. Whether you need 100 or 10,000 units, we are ready to make it happen. Beauty has no limits, and neither do our orders.

So what are you waiting for? Join us on this journey of creation and discover how science and passion come together to bring beauty to life.



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