The Magic of Heat Gels: Your Performance Ally

Heat gels are like little magic capsules that awaken your muscles and propel you towards your sporting goals. Think of them as the athletes' magic wands, ready to transform your energy and boost your performance. But why should you consider them before your next workout? Let's explore their magic and find out how they can make a difference.

Are you facing a steep climb on your bike or a series of sprints on the track? Your body needs a quick and sustained boost. This is where the heat gel comes in. These gels are designed to provide you with an instant source of energy. Within minutes, you'll feel that boost that will help you conquer that hill or cross that finish line.

Pre-workout gels or heat effect gels provide a warming sensation on the surface of the skin. It stimulates blood flow to the muscles, improving strength and endurance. Highly recommended as a complement to warm-up to increase the local and targeted temperature of the area of application. To be applied on the "target" areas depending on the sport or activity. The sensation of heat is very different in each person. It varies according to the active ingredient of the product and according to the sensitivity of each person to the stimulation of the sensory receptors of the skin.

Our pre-workout warming gel has been carefully formulated with a unique combination of ingredients selected to boost your pre-workout performance. Each component works synergistically to deliver specific benefits, giving you a complete and effective experience.


Complete Preparation: Optimize your muscles for exercise.
- Improves Circulation: Promotes blood flow to muscle tissues.
- Improved Flexibility: Facilitates optimal range of motion.
- Balanced Sensation: Enjoy a pleasant experience of heat and freshness.


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