The Hugging Cold: The art of Post-Workout Gel

Have you ever felt the chill creep over your sweaty skin after an intense workout? That moment when your muscles, exhausted but triumphant, crave heavenly relief? Welcome to the world of cold post-workout gel, where coolness becomes a balm for the modern warrior.
Muscles, like passionate lovers, crave attention. The cold gel, with its icy embrace, contracts the blood capillaries. It is a delicate waltz between warmth and cold. The muscles, grateful, relax. Tight fibres unravel, and fatigue fades like morning mist.

Cold as an ally 

How can we use port-workout gel?
  • Relief of muscle stiffness and pain: The cold gel, thanks to its composition, helps to relieve stiffness and pain in muscles, tendons and joints. You can apply it by massaging the sore areas. It is also recommended for use before intense exercise, making it an excellent choice for gym enthusiasts and sports professionals. 
  • Cold bandage treatment: The cold gel is also combined with the pressure of a bandage. This technique allows for cooling treatment of injured areas. It not only protects the body tissue, but also decreases the metabolic rate, reducing inflammation around the injury. In addition, it is used in areas where fat accumulates, such as the legs, buttocks and abdomen, to increase microcirculation and reduce the amount of fat in adipose tissue.
After an intense training session, our Post-Workout Recovery Gel offers a refreshing and revitalizing experience to help you in the crucial recovery phase. This unique formula, enriched with key ingredients, works in harmony to relieve muscle tension and provide refreshing respite to your fatigued skin.


- Instant Revitalization: The combination of menthol and peppermint essential oil in line with cajeput offers an instant sensation of freshness, renewing your body and mind. 
-Deep Muscle Relief: Penetrates muscle tissues to relieve tension and reduce discomfort.
- Anti-inflammatory Care: Helps reduce inflammation, promoting a more effective and less painful recovery.
- Hydration and Nutrition: Enriched with moisturizing agents to nourish and care for your skin, leaving it soft and radiant. 


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