Organic Castor Oil: Exploring its Properties and Applications

In natural cosmetics channels, organic castor oil has a prominent place. Its proven efficacy in the growth and strengthening of eyebrows and eyelashes has made it a popular and versatile ingredient. Do you want to know its components?

Ricinoleic Acid: This compound, present in 90% of castor oil, is the key to its efficacy. Its moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties are essential for skin and hair care.
Vitamin E: As an antioxidant guardian, vitamin E protects against oxidative stress and premature ageing. It is like a shield for skin cells.

Skin, Hair and Eyelash Benefits

Properties for the skin
Castor oil, 100% natural and free of additives, acts as a protective barrier against environmental stresses. Its soothing and moisturising action soothes the skin, preventing dehydration and signs of ageing. In addition, its affinity with fatty acids dissolves oil and unclogs pores, purifying the skin.

Hair Benefits

  • Purified Hair: Castor oil removes dandruff and impurities, improving blood circulation in the scalp. It is like a filter that revitalises and strengthens the hair fibre.
  • Moisturising and Shine: Deeply nourishes, leaving hair soft and shiny. If you are looking for a more effective formula, combine with tea tree essential oil.

Dreamy eyelashes

Castor oil is a proven ally for eyelash growth. It stimulates, strengthens and protects against external aggressions. If you long for stronger and longer eyelashes, go for this natural elixir.


OKT Global: Your Trusted Partner for Private Label Cosmetics

We design each formulation in a personalised and exclusive way for each client. We also work with the option of the customer bringing the formulation of the product they wish to market.

After preparing an initial product sample and once it has been validated by the customer, we proceed to manufacture it according to the terms established, following the highest quality standards.




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